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Wild Eros

Wild Eros is an expression of life rather than an expression of need

The longing in erotic love to be filled and fulfilled is replaced by the longing to share the overflowing life that is pouring through you with another, with others, with the world

This overflow is linked to our creativity and our financial abundance as well as to our sexuality.

When we come from lack - we want money, we want sexual intimacy, we want to feel alive - we are in the marketplace. We are a buyer and seller trying to get the best deal - ....we are seeking to fill other's needs so we in turn can receive what we need.

When eros is really flowing through the being however we are so full that we are simply grateful that others are willing to receive what is flowing and overflowing through us. That may be our passion or our poetry; our heart or our art.

We are not filtering our expression according to what the market wants and adjusting based on reaction. Any refinement of our giving is not based on the response but on getting closer and closer to the source of the outflow. We don't shine for the market - our market arrives because we shine.

Our motive is to give more purely our unique gift and the giving is sustainable because the reward is in the life force flowing as a result. This is why many people, when they leave the marketplace go through a period of simplifying their lives and offering themselves and their creativity in service for free or by donation for a cycle in order to get the erotic energy flowing freely and motivated from the right place.

Eventually the universe begins to respond by valuing that overflowing. We don't have control over this if we are truly living the wild eros. It may come next week, or like Van Gogh it may come after we are dead. That does not matter to the pure artist of life. What matters is that the inspiration is flowing, the erotic charge is alive and the life force is abundant.

In an eros starved world however it should not take too long for the abundance of the life force flowing through us to begin to be reflected by abundance flowing to us.


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