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The Galactic Centre and Evolution on Earth

This paper looks at a possible wholistic framework for the effects of alignment with the galactic centre on the evolution of life and consciousness on Earth.

1. The alignment of the summer solstice sun with the galactic centre in the era 1998-2012 is the result of the precession of the equinoxs. The orientation of our system is such that the galactic centre lies on the ecliptic (path of the sun – why this is itself is a major mystery) and therefore sunrise will coincide with the galactic centre on the summer solstice once every 26,000 years. This 2012 alignment does not have to do with the coinciding of the solar systems oscillation through the galactic equator on its path around the galactic centre nor with its passage through different areas of radiation – both of which also no doubt will have definitive effects on Earth life.

2. The precessional cycle is the result of the ‘wobble’ in the spin of the Earth around its poles. The wobble results in the 26,000 year cycle that orients the north pole to different stars (currently Polaris) and also cause the equinoxes to precess – i.e. that every year when the Earth returns to its equinox or solstice points the background stars are slightly shifted around the ecliptic. This ‘wobble’ of the Earth is caused gravitationally by the different pulls of the sun and moon but there is also an electromagnetic possibility that involves the galactic centre.

3. It is observed in sub atomic physics that protons have a precessional ‘wobble’ much like the Earth’s and that the speed of that wobble is directly related to the strength of the encompassing electromagnetic field as well as the distance of that proton from the source of the field. The galaxy is an electromagnetic being like the solar system and Earth, and Earth resides in that field. So is the precessional cycle of Earth linked to the influence of this wider field?

4. The Earth is 26,000 light years from the galactic centre. Which means light (electromagnetic energy) takes 26,000 years to reach us from the Galactic centre. This is the exact period of the precessional cycle which means that electromagnetic energy released from the galactic core the last time the summer solstice sun was conjoined the galactic centre will reach us on this conjunction. This is a wildly sychronistic time distance phenomena.

5. The electromagnetic field of Earth is what keeps us safe from harmful effects of solar radiation but we must also assume it has a role to play (and the heliosphere) in modifying the effects of radiation coming from the galactic core. Some cosmic rays are known to pass right through the physical earth. The electromagnetic field of Earth is known to change pole regularly on average every 200,000 years from the geological record. The last flip was 760,000 years ago and the field has been declining in strength rapidly over the last 300 years. We are due for a magnetic pole shift (where the north pole becomes the south and vice versa) and when we get close to it the magnetic field reduces in strength and undergoes fluctuations around the globe.

6. There appears to be some correlations between cosmic rays hitting the Earth and the mutations in DNA that cause cycles of physical evolution. The fossil record shows sudden burst of mutation activity which several scientists have linked to proliferation of species. The Agni Yoga teachings talk of the efficacy of cosmic rays and so we must consider the electromagnetic effects on human consciousness – consciousness itself being an electromagnetic function. Occultists will also correlate the life aspect of cosmic rays effecting the will and power aspect of humans. The Shamballa cycle of impacts and the holding of a reservoir of will might be directly related to this process of emanation from the galactic centre.

7. To sum up : Life on earth has a physical component, a consciousness or electromagnetic component, and a spirit or life component, and these three levels have their correspondence in the Earth, sun and galaxy. Life energy emanating from the galactic centre has effects on both the consciousness and physical realms and is experienced in cycles. The precessional cycle of Earth is synchronised with the time electromagnetic energy takes to reach us from the galactic core. Evolution on earth is linked to these cycles and is part of a wholistic ecological interaction between the biosphere, magnetic field, and life on Earth with the heliosphere and the galacto-sphere in their threefold expression (physical, electromagnetic, and life). We are in a phase where the electromagnetic field is in decline so that more energy from both the sun and the galactic centre are able to reach us resulting in increased likelihood of mutation in both the physical and consciousness aspects. This is symbolised for us by the alignment of the solstice sun (the Christ principle) with the centre of the galaxy (the central spiritual sun – the father/mother).

*This paper is drawn from the synthetic thought of John Major Jenkins, Oliver Reiser, and Wilhelm Reich.

Bruce Lyon


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