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Some Impressions on the Mother of the World

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Ordinary thinking tends to equate the Mother with Earth, and by Earth we mean the kingdoms of nature, the Son with the Triad, and the Father with the monad.

This is the vertical hierarchy. When we go horizontal however, we realise that the whole of the cosmic physical plane is the Mother. She has seven veils or cloaks. Uranus rules the highest and lowest planes so under His rays She is revealed to us in all her glory once we reach the buddhic plane. Only on her lower three planes are the veils so dense that consciousness is fused with them as a baby is in the womb and unable to see the eyes of their mother. The causal sheath, the garment of the solar angel, the monadic fiery cloth, are all woven from Her.

She protects all the Hierarchies who dwell in her and keeps them separate from each other until such time as they are developed and ready to know each other. The hierarchies grow and as they realise themselves as the fire of spirit they begin to burn through the webs until all seven levels, veils and planes are worked through and know themselves as part of a single great Raja lord – the deva of the cosmic physical plane – the Mother of the World.

The son (in this case not the triadal soul but the energy of the cosmic astral) does not leave the Mother in this larger sense until the seventh initiation. Some, instead of leaving choose to stay and thus through their sacrifice bring the higher energies into her body.

If we follow the analogy back down to the lower three planes of the cosmic physical is it possible that some souls choose to stay in the womb of the Mother because they are serving another purpose – growing themselves for a future birth that will take them DOWN and out through the base chakra – perhaps as a seed for a future world? For those who awaken as the fourth hierarchy – the human – their home is the buddhic plane, the centre of her body – the heart, and their job it is to reveal through their awakening the seed of life – the sutratma of cosmic fire.

In any event, whether we live in the womb, fall asleep in the tomb, resurrect into the cosmic ethers or the cosmic astral, we never leave the great cosmic Mother and nor are we ever confined in her. We are Mother, Father and Child – the presence that manifests itself in life, consciousness and form. The child leaves the Mother to find the Father breaking free form her womb and then her arms, only to return as fire and bring the radiation of love to spread through out her sevenfold body. And this drama goes on over and over INSIDE us.

Bruce Lyon


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