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Rebellion, Sacrifice, and Life on Earth

To those identified with consciousness the unconscious and the superconscious are easily confused for both are not-conscious. Similarly, rebellion and sacrifice are both a resistance to the status quo. When a self-conscious entity refuses to move with the collective we have no real way of knowing what the motivation is – and if the entity is operating from instinct they also may not know. This is relevant to many aspects of life on earth and the occult way as our Planetary Logos is known both as a Divine Rebel and also the Great Sacrifice.

The classic story is the refusal to let go of the third aspect and embrace the second – this can be the refusal to let go of money or knowledge or the body for example. From those who have already identified with the second aspect – love or consciousness – this refusal is seen as rebellion – the following of the path of least resistance and even ‘evil’, for it is resistant to the evolutionary current of consciousness. The refusal does not have to be an act of rebellion however – it can also be an act of sacrifice. The entity may have developed consciousness in an earlier cycle and be responding to the Life principle. Thus they may be rejecting the general movement out of a spiritual instinct rather than a material one. In here lies the atoning of the Christian and Jewish religions.

This is relevant to the seventh ray and the seventh ray age. The seventh plane is the physical/etheric and there are those entities polarised upon the seventh plane that are evolutionary. Most of humanity is polarised on the astral plane with advanced humanity on the mental and thus those polarised on the etheric-physical are naturally considered the least advanced (in consciousness). Some however (for example what we might call indigenous elders) may be responding to the Life principle and therefore retain their polarisation out of sacrifice. An analogy would be a group of people climbing a mountain to get a better view of their surroundings. Some may refuse to go on the climb out of laziness or fear – others may offer to stay behind and keep the home fires burning either out of sacrifice or because they have already been up the mountain in an earlier cycle.

If we think of the levels of planet, sun and galaxy as pertaining to third, second and first aspects, or personality, soul and monad, then in this system the second aspect or consciousness is emphasised. Those climbing the cosmic mountain of conscious evolution should be moving from planetary to solar to galactic polarisation. This is the trend and the flow. Those in resistance or rebellion to the flow are not easily seen and/or understood. For example there are hints that the Logos of Mars was once a solar Logos. Is the current ensouling of a planet for that being a demotion or a development? It depends on whether we are looking from the consciousness or Life aspect. Mars is not considered a sacred planet and nor is the earth. A sacred planet is one that has taken a certain level of initiation in consciousness. As we know in the human situation, someone may be, say, a second degree initiate in expression, or they may be at that stage as part of a recapitulation. A Master who was incarnating in a physical body would still have to go through the stages of consciousness development albeit at a much faster pace. So the level of polarisation on a plane, the stage of conscious development and the state of consciousness are all different vectors. We are familiar with the different planes, and mastery of those planes of matter by consciousness, and we tend to think of a progression up the planes through initiations.

1.Dhyani Chohan or Buddha







In Life however, the seven planes form a whole – consciously realised on the first subplane of each plane, which themselves form one plane. So for example a shaman who was polarised on the first subplane of the 7th or physical-etheric would be a conscious participant in the Life of the system even though they were on a ‘lower’ plane in terms of the operation of consciousness. One can think of the Maori or Aboriginal Elders who consciously work to keep the etheric Life-force flowing in the Earth. They form a natural brotherhood with those on all seven planes who are in touch with and serving the Life aspect.

Our Earth, whose number is 777, is therefore a cosmic psychic and shaman, and the very fact that there is physical Life on Earth may be a sign of something very important and unique. As the Logos of Earth He may be a divine rebel, but as an extension of the Logos of Uranus He may be the Great Sacrifice. Our Logos may be taking the second cosmic initiation in this cycle and thus becoming a sacred planet in touch with the monad but this may also be seen as a recapitulation. The Solar Logos is taking the third and so has contacted Light Supernal – the sevenfold Cosmic light and is now turning its back on this and returning the solar gaze to Earth and the base chakra. What if the Earth was a reservoir of Life energy originating in the galactic centre – i.e. our Logos had already achieved galactic polarisation in a previous cycle (or as a result of the sacrifice will achieve it faster in a later one), and agreed to hold the Life energy in this system at the base until consciousness was developed enough to utilise it?

The analogy would be some of the indigenous elders of the Earth – would you be willing to stay polarised on the physical-etheric and preserve the Life force and the dignity and divinity of the body of the Earth while consciousness develops through astral and mental stages (in the process looking down upon you and demonising you or trying to evangelise you) until it reaches the buddhic, in which case you will be integrated and harmonised again, providing the Life force needed for the next stage of development?

As above so below – at a certain stage we must discover and redeem our relationship with the Sanat Kumara of our own bodies just as we do with the planetary and galactic one. It is easier to see how all this works if we embrace the idea of both a horizontal and a vertical integration of the planes or levels of any system.

A shaman for instance tells us about the plane of polarisation but not whether they are primarily working with gross, subtle, or causal states and stages. A shaman may be expert at manipulating matter on the physical-etheric, or directing subtle energy through the matter of the seventh plane, or wielding the Life force on that plane. We can have Masters of Matter and Shamans of Life and vice versa. Those working with the Life aspect are polarised on the first two subplanes and have therefore expressed the energy of sacrifice. We call mastery in this system the achievement of 2/3 of any plane where consciousness directs matter. So on the third subplane of any system the entity has a choice whether to move up a whole plane or to stay on that plane and simply move up a subplane. This is the key to those who choose the Path of Earth Service rather than take one of the other cosmic paths.

There is Life on Earth!!!

Bruce Lyon


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