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Masculine and Feminine Approaches to Inner Contacts

It seems relevant to me that both Alice A Bailey and Helena P Blavatsky were female, because there is a particularly feminine move in opening oneself to contact. The masculine journey is to IDENTIFY with the Godhead – the feminine move is to be opened by it – RAVISHED by it. To be entered and penetrated at the soul level by an expression of divinity more potent is an incredibly humbling and vulnerable experience.

The first ray is called the ‘ravisher of souls’ and to have one’s soul ravished is like a tearing of the veil from the inside. The core of the soul is opened and it becomes a vessel, a receptacle for the Will. The soul becomes negative to the monad as well as being positive to the personality. This capacity to change polarity and to be both poles simultaneously is the capacity to be the divine hermaphrodite and is reflected in the three worlds symbolically by men and women letting go of exclusive identification with one or other gender.

For a group to be over lighted and then entered by a deeper expression of divinity – another kingdom requires that the group be able to open in a profound way. Consciousness allows for transcendence and inclusion. When we add spirit, the power dimension, then we might say: Transcend, include and PENETRATE. The capacity to be penetrated and to penetrate in turn at the level of soul is key in my experience, and opinion, to the transfiguration of humanity.

Bruce Lyon


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