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Landing The Raven

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Base chakra work is really useful for two types of beings. Those who want to take off and fly and those who need to ‘land the plane’. Doves and Ravens.

The base holds a storehouse of the energy of matter – called in the east kundalini. This is like rocket fuel for those who are looking to blast off to the subtle worlds. They go down in order to take off. This side of the process is also useful for those who feel too grounded in the material world and want to remember and awaken the soul’s connection to spirit.

On the other hand the energies of the base can also be used to anchor and manifest. For those who identify more with their spiritual nature, opening the base allows them to fully land and restores the soul’s connection to matter. This is useful for those who struggle with physical plane reality – paying the rent and taking out the trash. They can be like circling planes slowly running out of fuel and then having to work at something they don’t like in order to get enough gas money for more flight. Landing is also for those who have been on the path of ascent and awakened to their eternal nature as spirit and now want to bring their gifts to the world as leaders, teachers , and sowers of the seeds of a civilisation based on the love and freedom of the soul.

The symbol of the ouroboros or snake eating its own tail expresses the truth that the highest is the lowest and vice versa. In the snake of the chakra system this is the link between the base and the crown. Once the soul opens to this realisation – that matter is spirit and spirit, matter - then a new journey begins. An initiation through duality into the ocean of love and an explosion of the heart.


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