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Kundalini, Kriyas, and Resistance in the Wire

As individuals, groups and the Earth itself respond increasingly to the monadic energy and to the galactic centre, there are two major directional effects that we can relate to Shamballa and Agartha. The Shamballa force descends and as it moves down through the soul and chakra system then the resistance in the ‘wire’ of the energetic spine has the following effects.

The heat and light (resistance to the flow) generates first at the brow and throat chakras much abstract thought and speech about the mysteries. We are over – ‘stimulated’ by the inflowing energy which we want to understand and talk about. Once some of this resistance burns away then the emphasis drops to the heart and solar plexus generating the heat and light of relationship transformation. Finally to the sacral and base centres where the relationship of consciousness to our sexuality and bodies undergoes transformation.

The Agartha or kundalini force moves up the chakras from the base to the crown. If the descending current brings the consciousness imbued with the will into the depths then we could say that the rising force brings whatever is unsolarised in the depths up into consciousness. The effects of this in the body are what is known in the East as ‘kriyas’ – the spontaneous movements of energy in the body. The planetary equivalent to these are the earthquakes and volcanic activity as the body of the Earth adjusts to increasing activity of planetary kundalini. Initially the effects are physical and sexual as the base and sacral centres are cleared, then the ‘kriyas’ move through the solar plexus and heart and finally they rise through the throat, ajna and crown centre.

These two currents of energy work together like cosmic defibrillators clearing out the central channel so that human beings and the planet itself become increasingly able to transmit the ‘dark light’.

If we understand that the process is to eventually ‘go dark’ and thus hold more current then we can hold a conscious approach that facillitates this – resulting in the ‘fast path’.

Essentially, if we understand that Excitement = Resistance, then we can notice when excitement is occurring, pause, breathe, relax and assist the energy to flow through rather than flow out. In the descending direction this means allowing the current to ‘inform’ us rather than following the impulse to ‘inform’ others. Letting it drop into and through the body into the Earth. And when we feel the uprisings – the urges to cathartically expel whatever is blocking us, we relax and let it shift something inside of us rather than try to change our surroundings, our relationships or our world. It is not that these flows into the world and our environment are wrong or do not serve evolution in their own way, but in working with the Will we are after something else – something deeper and subtler than action or consciousness. We are building our capacity to hold and transmit power.

Eventually the current clears the biggest block of all – our separate self identity – and this is where the conquering of death comes in. We need a self to go on this journey consciously but the journey results in the release of that self – the self is the boat which we cross the river in.  The self is the major resistance in the flow and the ‘enlightenment’ and ‘excitement’ of the self is also its release – like a log throwing itself onto the fire. Once we get this we realise that most of our activity and consciousness is the result of avoiding the death of the separate self – it’s tendency is to keep marketing its indispensability by finding more to do and think and say. Which all works, but for those who ‘choose to die’ the process speeds up. They realise that sacrifice is a willingness to let go of all doing and thinking and just let the dark light remove the self that would do and think and say. This relaxation is a death and rebirth – a surrender and a resting back into the current itself which is the greater Self. Then once this dying, this giving up occurs, then consciousness and action still flow but they are effortless – a natural expression of the Self rather than a reinforcement of the self.

Bruce Lyon


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