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Going Masculine and Feminine for a Moment

The wounded and abandoned consciousness that permeates our sheaths so needs to be listened to, honoured, without any justifications or explanations. And the transcendent consciousness that is our solar life needs to be broken free from identity and story on the mental plane so that it rests in pure awareness – the solar sword tempered by the fires of matter, the life of all forms. Solar and lunar consciousness, so long at war, cannot be fully resolved at the level of consciousness itself but only at the level of life – where they ride together like the centaur. Healthy divine masculine and feminine principles do not need healing, do not need union, for they are already one, dancing together, never having left or abandoned each other. They are Life itself. But at the level of consciousness we have the battle, culminating at the fourth point – the fourth round, the fourth root race, the fourth globe, and in our own little temporal space – 2025.

Consider the story of the battle of Atlantis from the perspective of Hierarchy – Humans took soular power without enough purification and discipline and were in danger of destroying the evolutionary cycle and so Hierarchy was forced to withdraw to the buddhic plane, etc…. So what might be Humanity’s version remembering that it too is a divine centre? Hierarchy, unable to exercise enough love and power skillfully to hold the divine purpose on the lower three planes, abandoned human consciousness and blamed them for the withdrawal.

Consider the story of the coming of the solar angels in the Secret Doctrine. One third entered fully becoming the Masters of that time. One third entered partially becoming humanity, and one third refused because they considered the forms unready. Those ‘forms’, without the guiding light of solar consciousness, ‘regressed’ giving rise to the ‘sins of the mindless’ and so forth. Once again we can tell the story from both perspectives and there is karmic responsibility on both sides, but no ‘blame’. This same situation plays out in our own initiatory path where we move up a plane when we have mastered two thirds of the ‘matter’ – effectively abandoning the last third until our consciousness is imbued with life and so able to return.

So here we have the story of consciousness – the lunar lives imbued with a form of sentiency or consciousness, and the solar lives identified with consciousness itself. A third form of consciousness, which we might call monadic, is that which contains both the soular and lunar realities and sides with neither, for it recognises them as part of a necessary polarity. At the third degree they are consciously at-oned. Then at the fourth there is a new coming together – the life which animates the forms (not the consciousness) and the life which animates the soul are bought together. To get a glimpse of this we can see that consciousness may leave a body (during a coma for instance) and there is still life. Life is the dragon energy that came in the second round BEFORE the solar angels came and individualised consciousness. Also life is present as the core of the soul or consciousness. These two lives are the same life and they are bought together in conscious awareness at the fourth. Then at the fifth the life which makes up the forms themselves (even when a body ‘dies’, i.e. the ‘life’ leaves it, there is still a life in the substance) is united in awareness with the fire mist – the pure energy that expresses on the first plane. Three snakes eat their tails and then awareness is freed from the seven skins of the cosmic physical and knows itself to be that which lies behind the triplicity of monad, soul and personality.

The power of the work of Shamballa School is that we consent to be opened to that life present in the heart of each moment, each awareness, each form, each perspective – the life which IS at the core of body and soul alike – we entertain each voice as sacred as we reach towards that deep realisation of the Presence of Divinity not just at the core of awareness but at the core of the body. God/Goddess is present when a body is present, even when there is no ‘life’ in that body, before there is consciousness, before there is awakening, before there is initiation, identification and self realization, and after, eternally. What we tend to think in the esoteric tradition is that life gives rise to consciousness, which gives rise to forms, when we are really just talking about gross forms.

Both life and consciousness have forms, sheaths in which they express. Forms and awareness arise together out of the ground of being – the divine masculine and feminine have the same root. Their offspring – consciousness and self awareness, shuttles back and forth between them like the spindle on a loom – identifying with one then the other, leaving threads for later weaving, generating harmony and discord, beauty and pain. Primordial awareness is not the ground of being – it arises out of it. And our bodies are not the lowest member on the totem pole – they are a direct emanation of divinity. So when my body raises a fist or a cyst or an erection of any kind, god/goddess is speaking in a voice as rich and full of mystery as a symphony or a sonnet.

Bruce Lyon


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