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Three Jewels Transmissions from DK

Mercury Transmissions For Three Jewels Group

I would like to continue an educational experiment with this expanded group that is attempting to cooperate with the Hierarchy and learning to serve as a transmitting agent for the Will.

The key elements of this experiment are:

  1. It is not so important what can be achieved by the group as through the group.

  2. I am seeking to utilize the group as a transmitting agent through which a particular type of energy – that of the Will or the lowest aspect of the Shamballic force can enter into the wider group which we might call the New Group of World Servers.

  3. Individual group members, while intrinsically valuable, are not as important to this particular initiative as the functioning of the archetypal pattern is. It is like joining a team – you know in advance what game the team is playing and what the important requirements are to achieve success.

  4. I will be addressing the team as a whole unit and therefore it is necessary for individuals to make their own self-assessments as they go concerning the effects of their participation on their own systems as well as on the overall experiment.

  5. The tangible exoteric commitment to this work is minimal. It will require a rhythmic meditative alignment once a week on Sundays – one hour a month during the 24 hr period of the full moon and a combined group meditation at the time of the solstices and equinoxes. The esoteric commitment may be considerable in terms of the subtle effects on your energetic systems.

  6. I seek, in cooperation with an inner group, to make of your combined field an esoteric centre that can be utlised for both a rhythmic pulsing into the wider field as well as being available on demand should world need require it.

  7. You are all trained esoteric workers who have functioning antahkaranas and so I do not propose to give any formal training. The education in this initiative comes from doing the work. We collaborate. My job is to assist you in building a reliable group field and to provide energetic input into and through that field. Your work is to develop an esoteric relationship with each other, the inner group and my ashram and to allow the energies contacted to flow out into the wider group of which you form a part.

  8. This is an experiment. I ask only that you make yourselves genuinely available to be receptive to group impression and transmission. Do not attempt initially to try and direct any flows but only to build group rapport and allow yourselves to be worked through as a soul group. This is an experiment in the overlighting of the group and if you enter into the process with a willingness to experiment and a discriminating esoteric sense you will quickly be able to ascertain whether an energetic is present that you wish to continue to serve.

  9. Keep your experiment as transparent and matter of fact as possible to guard against any potential glamours or illusions. Neither promote what you are doing nor keep it secret. The reality is that Hierarchy are attempting numerous such experiments in group impression on the planet at this time. This group is unique in some ways and very ordinary in others. Conscious mutual contact provides both challenges and opportunities which we will meet together.

  10. One major opportunity is the quality of ‘willingness’ that results from the conscious choice to serve in this way. This opens the possibility for the unique energetic potency that this group has the potential to provide an entrance for. Always remember that, while your function might be unique you are not separate from the wider group of world servers and it is this group that the Christ and the Hierarchy as a whole are attempting to reach and exoterically empower.

Mercury – Will Triangle – September Equinox – 2006

I have said that the purpose of this experiment is to see if this triangle of groups can become consciously unified into a radiant centre through which the energies of Light Supernal from the atmic plane can enter into the wider group we call the New Group of World Servers.

My contribution is the conscious reinforcing of the group field from the ashram. This is done by holding the individual and group alignments which already exist in your fields within a sphere that is centred around a seed of the purpose which motivates the entire ashram.

Your contribution is the willingness to engage in such an experiment and the attempt to enter a group alignment periodically and rhythmically with a particular emphasis on the solstices and equinoxes.

The experiment forms part of a ‘harvesting process’ that is currently underway among the many groups around the world that have developed out of the impulse to serve the Plan and achieve a degree of coherent esoteric functioning. Hierarchy harvests according to the particular quality of light emanating from the group as well as the intensity or potency of that light.

Groups enter in to deeper ashramic life in the same way that individuals were once called to do so. This call requires, as ever, a dual focus. The group must still focus on the purpose that lies at the centre of its own sphere while developing the capacity to respond to a purpose as yet unknown, but sensed emanating from a higher centre.

Within groups there are those more able to respond to the more subtle note and it is the united response by workers in different groups to the energy of Will that allows for the conscious building of the esoteric nervous system that can carry the energy of planetary Purpose into the existing network of light.

This nervous system is created out of the automatic response to the current of electrical energy flowing from the central diamond of the planetary Life and pouring through the centre of the ashrams and the group and individual ‘jewels’. It is an automatic response in the sense of being motivated by spiritual instinct indicating that the entity responding has undergone or is undergoing the ‘dark night of the soul’ where intellectual knowledge has been replaced with the straight knowledge of the intuition.

Just as the three vehicles of the personality are integrated by the soul functioning in the vehicle of the causal body on the higher mental plane, so the three vehicles of the triad are integrated by the monad operating in its atmic sheath. In a planetary sense, Sanat Kumara synthesizes the ashrams via the Three Buddhas of Activity.

For groups to function effectively they must eventually function as a miniature hierarchy, and for groups of groups to function effectively they must enter into the archetypal pattern that governs in Shamballa.

I would like, if you will allow, to make some observations about your groups, as energetic centres.

Intergroup integration requires that there is a centralized crystal or jewel at the heart of each group in process of revelation. This jewel comes together in mutual response to the Purpose that lies behind the group and is tempered in the fires and pressures of group process itself.

The archetype of the jewel in the Shamballa School field is strong. The lessons in that field are to do with the continual processes of refinement. Individuals come and go but the archetype remains constant providing the opportunity for detachment and for the energy of Synthesis to enter. The difficulties have to do with the holding of a coherent energetic structure around the jewel. The first aspect is so strong that forms do not have time to cohere before they are destroyed by the relentless pressure from the core. The balancing energy needed is more of the second aspect that opens to include wider and wider spheres of consciousness and activity and thus dilutes the electrical potency.

The core linking with the (…****……..) groups provide a mutually reinforcing force for universalistion.

The (*) field has a potent, stable and steady pulsation of light. The coherency principle is actively at work. The lessons in this field have to do with the centralization of the power aspect. This requires the willingness for a core group who recognize their simultaneous response to the first aspect and enter more deeply together into the group initiatory fires forming a centralising crystal that will provide the seed of the next phase of the group’s work.

The (*) has a dynamically structured field that generates a great capacity for the Plan to imprint its pattern on consciousness. The lessons in this field have to do with the conscious recognition of the vertical dimension of this pattern by the field itself. The forty-nine ashrams are synthesized by the seven, the three and the one. The central crystal is in the process of being tempered by the group fires and must demonstrate its capacity to hold and thus reveal the Will principle within the group life.

Each group in its own way is responding to the central diamond or the energy of planetary Will at the centre. They have yet to establish a stable circulation of energy between the three centres however.

At the time of the equinox I would recommend, if you are willing, merely the decision to more deeply open to each other’s causal fields. This is an act of the will. By letting the energies of the other two groups enter into your inner reservoir and cross-fertilise with each other, the result will be beneficial to all. The very qualities needed by each group will be assimilated through the Love principle in service to Will and this is a much more rapid path of growth than the development that would be required if it was undertaken by each field independently.

Consider this carefully. My energetic input at this time will be merely to facilitate this interconnection if it is so willed by your own centres. If we are successful, the next phase of this experiment can open. If not, then there are never any shortages of opportunities to grow in service along the paths you each choose – especially at this time in planetary history.


Connect with your group and the NGWS

See the fields of light that are Hierarchy and Humanity interpenetrating and in the fusion of these two lights visualise the Triangle of the Three Buddhas with the central flaming diamond of SK at the centre.

Link the three Logoi of planets of the Will – Vulcan, Pluto and Earth, and visualize the Solar Logos at the centre.

Link the three super constellations – the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades with the Galactic Logos at their centre.

Visualise and demand a direct flow of energy from the black hole at the centre of the galaxy down through the eyes of these triangles and into the very core of the Earth itself.

Link once again with the NGWS and the triangle of Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa as a united demand goes forth to lift a measure of planetary kundalini from the base to the heart centre.

Realise that the reservoir of Purpose held in Shamballa and the reservoir of Will held in the planetary base centre are part of a single system.

* Indicates group names left out for the purpose of discretion BL

Mercury – December Solstice 2006

Since the equinox there has been some success in the circulation of solar fire between the three soul fields of the groups. Enough for the next phase of the work to begin. In order to give some understanding of this next phase let me use the modern analogy of the computer.

Causal bodies on the abstract mental plane form part of the three worlds and thus the physical body of Deity. Indeed they provide the entry point for the currents of energy from the planetary and solar etheric body into its physical counterpart. In computer analogy they thus form part of the ‘hardware’. When causal groups are linked together through circulation they form – at least momentarily – a unified system which makes possible the running of more complex software. Just as when computers are linked together enough ‘memory’ is available for a program to run that would not be able to run on a single computer so, through the intergroup linking it is possible to release into the larger field more subtle energy from the higher etheric planes.

On a solar systemic level a similar process is behind the ‘sowing of the seed of Will’ that will generate the next system. The three planetary systems of Earth, Vulcan and Pluto cooperate in this Solar project.

On your own level of interaction a similar process can take place which will allow the sowing of a subtle energetic seed that will form a central point for the unfolding of the next phase of a piece of Hierarchical endeavour for which I am responsible.

This ‘sowing’ can take place in the time period immediately ahead if I have your united cooperation.

The seed is a small fractal of the energy of planetary Purpose that is held in the Council Chamber. It is not Purpose however in the sense of a planned outcome in time and space. It is a seed of the Life which expresses beyond the realms of time, space and duality. It is the source of both karma and destiny. It is the essential sound or note of our planetary scheme which forms part of the solar chord and the galactic symphony.

Karma is the result – in time and space – of deviation from that pure note. Destiny is the result – again in time and space – of a movement back towards it. It sounds ever in Shamballa for the duration of the planetary system and is in reality the one true note to which every human monad responds. It is this note which drew the human monad (in its three major classes) into incarnation in this scheme. The soul journeys through the twelve signs of the zodiac in seven groups or ashrams. These seven groups form eventually part of three great monadic groupings which all respond to the one planetary note. When this note is consciously responded to by all the cells in the planetary body then the course of evolutionary experience will be run and the planetary Purpose be revealed in expression.

Remember- in time- we have already responded to this note – it was this response that was the cause of our long cycle of incarnations including those lesser cycles of soul and personality. We know it in the most intimate core of our being and yet as we have cycled deeper and deeper into manifestation the note has receded until it has become lost beneath the threefold chord of monad, soul and personality.

In the sequential journey of remembrance we first become aware of the unifying note of the personality and then must train ourselves to become sensitive and responsive to the more subtle note of the soul. Once this has stabilized in our field of consciousness we become sensitive to the monad and begin to resonate to the life principle. We might liken these states of consciousness to planetary, solar and galactic. At the galactic level we are aware of our inseparable nature as the One Life which thrills through the universe. As this one limitless Life we are also aware of our participation as part of our solar sphere and the planetary sphere. Just as the personal self becomes aware of its transpersonal and eternal nature, so the monadic self becomes aware of its very limited and concentrated expression as a personality in time and space. As the One Life you are simultaneously here on earth in December 2006 in all the uniqueness of your particular incarnation. The universal and particular meet.

As monads, we are Life itself and as that Life we have responded to a note of Purpose sounded forth by a particular planetary Logos. That purpose has to do with the bringing of the realisation of Life to those forms which are an expression of it. Thus we are the Life, the form to which that Life is revealed and the consciousness through which that realization arrives. A triad synthesized by the note of planetary Purpose. It is this note that links our transcendent timeless nature to the immediacy of an authentic response to our particular environment in each moment of time and space.

What does this practically mean to the evolving group life? This ‘seed’ or note can be likened to the dark centre of a candle flame. It has no light itself and yet is the centre around which the layers of fire form. It is not the jewel but that which is revealed through the jewel.

In meditation it is the blank space which lies on the far side of both transpersonal phenomenal awareness and the thrilling experience of identity with the life aspect. It is the emptiness out of which the experience of fullness arises. In consciousness it is the blinding experience of not-knowing – the awareness not of that which cannot yet be known but that which can never be known as it is beyond comprehension altogether. In activity it is the action performed without any sense of identity or thought and therefore totally devoid of self-preservation – personal or transpersonal. It is the spiritual instinct in expression. In intergroup life it is the source of synchronicity and spontaneous right relationship.

The group itself becomes a revealing field where what is gradually revealed is the deeper purpose which the group serves despite the ideas the group has about itself or why it is dong what it is doing.

An initiate weans him or herself from the pursuit of knowledge because they come into conscious relationship with that which is the source of all knowledge. An initiate group weans itself from the pursuit of Purpose as they come into conscious relationship with the source of all Purpose. By the time the ‘Will of God is known’ the ‘knower’ has already realised themselves as an extension of that Will.

In terms of practice I am going to ask you to add one small piece to your existing disciplines of meditation, study and service. I would like you to set aside one hour during the 24-hour period of the solstice. The purpose of this hour is to have no purpose. There is nothing to be done or accomplished in either the inner or outer life. Neither the demands of the objective world or the impressions of the subjective world should be paid attention to. If you would like a focusing image for the beginning of this period – the eye in the triangle should suffice. Let the eye direct all inner and outer activity. Otherwise have no purpose, no plan and no procedure. Let your thoughts, feelings and actions arise spontaneously out of this willed emptiness. Keep surrendering all attempts to accomplish anything including this practice and merely allow this hour to be given to the ‘unknown God’. After (but not during) the hour, reflect upon the experience and see if any seed emerges that can be taken into your normal practice of meditation, study and service.

During your group meditation over the solstice period I would similarly ask you to set aside some conscious time for this fourth principle. Once again, using the eye in the triangle as a focusing image, offer the prepared group field as a vehicle for the distribution of energy and allow this synthetic centre to direct the meditative process. During the solstice itself the emphasis is upon the distribution of energy. At the time of the full moon when the sun is in Capricorn, the emphasis will be on utilizing the group field as a matrix for anchoring an energetic archetype – otherwise known as the ‘sowing of a seed’.

March Equinox 2007

The seed has entered into the soul field of the group and the task is now to nurture that seed and allow it to germinate and grow. Just as a mother draws in specific resources and focuses all her energies towards the growth of the child in her womb so can the group allow the growth needs of the seed to be met.

It is important to remember that the seed is fed by and through triadal consciousness. It is essentially a point of presence for the emerging fourth quality of deity in human awareness. This group is of course not the only group in whom the experiment of this emergence is taking place and later in the process a greater integration of groups so working can take place.

The emerging quality cannot be ‘known’ by the soul as it is essentially unknowable- not being able to be reduced to an object of triadal awareness. It may be revealed however when triadal consciousness seeks the origin of its own awareness.

For practical purposes it will be useful to indicate the direction from which this property emerges symbolically as long as it is appreciated that this indication is not the essence and that essence can only be realized and not understood.

When something new is emerging in human awareness there must always be those who pay attention to it and provide a nursery for that emergence. They begin to recognize each other through their mutual response to the same essential note and their willingness to centralize this note as the centre or core of their incarnational work. When something new is emergent, its carriers lose interest in all (to them) lesser things and become divinely possessed as it incarnates in and through them. This is the mystery of ‘inspiration’.

Throughout history this process can be traced and it always involves a dual process – a call and a response. The incarnating entity whether it be a soul, a new idea or a cosmic principle sounds its essential note and awaits response from those lives who will be attracted by that note and form the vessel or vehicle for that incarnation. When these lesser lives are souls, as in this case, an essential component to that response is free will. The soul must willingly sacrifice itself and therefore the will or first aspect of the soul must be in full flower. It cannot be otherwise when we are dealing with incarnation on the etheric levels of the cosmic physical plane, inhabited as they are by fully conscious and solarised hierarchies.

In a way the development of the soul as a vessel for the incarnation of higher energies from other cosmic planes is the complement to its role as causal agent in the five worlds

of human evolution. We might call these the feminine and masculine characteristics of consciousness which express themselves in the buddhc division of human and deva.

We develop the human quality of the Will by externalizing the soul’s purpose through the lower lives of the personality. We develop the devic quality of the Will by allowing ourselves to be incarnated in and worked through by a greater life.

Practically then the group can cooperate with this process by turning its attention or the direction of its meditative consciousness towards the precipitating seed. During the 24 hr period of the equinox, if you are willing, I would ask each group member to ‘essentialise the seed’. To do this seek to become more aware of that which has been emergent in your own consciousness, particularly over the last three month cycle.  Generate for yourself a symbol whether that be an image, a statement, a movement etc that indicates this emergent quality – always remembering that it cannot actually be known or contained within consciousness. Determine for yourself whether you are willing for this seed to germinate and take root within the soil of your soul life. By giving such an assent you are in effect placing this emergent quality upon your inner altar and allowing it to begin to direct your spiritual life by revealing its nature and purpose at the core of your awareness. This requires an act of will resulting in the abstraction of your inner awareness from other points of focus.

It is important to remember that this process is not external to the soul. The emergent quality is not coming from another soul or indeed any outside source. It is not a question of any kind of submission to higher authority but a surrender to the inner authority emerging from the core of one’s own consciousness. What we call a Master is merely a deeper level of identification that lies within and is inherent to each and every human soul.

Once you have identified, each for him or herself, this emergent quality or seed, represented it in some symbolic form and made a willful choice whether to give it priority or authority in your inner life – I would ask you to share that symbol or note with the wider group. In this way the triangulated consciousness of the whole group will become more aware of the different facets of the one jewel emerging as its centre.

June Solstice 2007

A group soul is a field of experience. The seed that has entered the field is intended to germinate and flourish there. If an energy can enter a field it must also be possible for that which had previously been contained within the field to exit. I would counsel the group to pay particular attention to that which can exit and enter at this solstice time. I have said before that this group field is composed of triadal consciousness. Therefore that which may enter, permeate and exit such a field must be more subtle than will, love and intelligence. We are dealing with a fourth quality of deity and yet one about which nothing can be said because there is no capacity to make this quality an object in consciousness. Rather it is the source of consciousness or ultimate subjectivity.

Consider the jewel or eye within the triangle as a three dimensional figure as follows:

Each of the three revealed qualities is located on an axis and each axis is at ninety degrees to the other two. The fourth point is the centre whereby that which permeates and yet remains outside the manifest sphere exits and enters.

It is not possible to objectify the fourth quality within the consciousness that inhabits the sphere because it has no locus or place. It is not itself the centre but that which enters and leaves through the central ‘jewel’. The human monad cannot become ‘conscious’ of this quality simply because it IS this quality. This quality which is the very essence of the soul cannot be an attribute of it. The human being, in essence then IS a quality of the one spirit that permeates the universe. When this one spirit enters into and inhabits a ‘human sphere’ then we have the appearance of a human soul which itself undergoes incarnation in the three worlds.

The Higher way provides an opportunity for the human essence to enter and exit – not as a soul but from being a soul.

This is difficult to convey for I am not addressing you as souls – I am speaking about that part of you which causes your soul to be.  And therefore is also capable of non-being.

One can approach this through reason. Obviously nothing that can enter a field of consciousness can ultimately be separate from the One Self. It must indeed be our very Self but unrecognized and unrevealed. If we in essence are capable of entering then we must also be capable of exiting and yet nothing already present in the field has been conscious of being able to do so (otherwise it would not be something new – to – our – consciousness that was entering).

One can also approach this mystery through metaphor. Water enters and permeates the earth. When it drains away again it may take with it some particles that were previously earth but have now dissolved into the water. It also leaves some particles of water in the earth as moisture. Thus it is with the cosmic astral and physical planes.

As a group soul I am pointing your attention toward abstraction at the time of the solstice. During the twenty-four hour period, and in addition to your normal meditative practice I would ask you to set aside some time for identification with non-being. I can be no clearer than this. Follow your normal procedure that leads to identification with the will of the soul and then the triadal triangulation which reveals the monad or pure being. Once fully identified with being then attempt the release into its higher dual counterpart. A duality which is not that which can be experienced in consciousness but only in life.

This is a gateway to the Higher way – what has been called the door of the monadic sense of essential duality.

The capacity to have some elements within the group soul enter through this door is in direct proportion to the capacity to have some of that which has entered remain.

September Equinox 2007

This experiment in intergroup work is drawing to a conclusion. Let me reiterate for you the reasons for engaging in the process from my perspective.

  1. To trial the process of consciously linking group causal bodies in order to accelerate the initiatory process.

  2. To experiment with using the Will in a predominantly second ray ashramic field based on the informed consent of the participants.

  3. To facilitate the entry of a small seed connected with the fourth quality of deity into the field of consciousness that is the NGWS.

  4. To utilize the unique cosmic alignment of the current cycle in order to activate a small portion of planetary kundalini.

Naturally these purposes are interconnected and form an integrated whole when seen from a synthetic perspective. As with all learning processes the experiment itself provides useful data and experience for the ongoing work of spiritual evolution.

The energy of Will always precipitates crisis and crisis provides opportunity to radically increase or decrease the alignment between the lesser will and the greater Will.

Humanity as a whole is undergoing such a crisis ahead of the incoming fourth ray in 2025 and the critical issue is how this third centre will express its collective free will.

There are three interrelated questions in this regard:

Will Humanity align its Will with that of the two higher planetary centres? Will Humanity express this Will in a way that unifies the human kingdom itself? What form of planetary government will Humanity create to give structure to this Will?

These three questions relate to the three jewels and the work of the three Buddhas of Activity. The fourth point or diamond- is synthetic and comes into expression when the three aspects are balanced.

Within your group life different aspects of the group will have been impulsed along these differentiated lines of inquiry. When the consciousness moves into the central point all differentiations are seen as expressions of the one entering energetic.

As we prepare then for the alignment of the December solstice and its potential for activation of the planetary kundalini I would ask you to move together into this central point. If you are willing this requires a release of identification with the centralizing energy or purpose of your individual groups (the three jewels) and an identification with the diamond. From a planetary perspective this diamond is a fractal of the ‘flaming diamond’ of the Lord of the World and represents the crystalised Purpose or the Plan as it is held by the Masters on the atmic plane. Light supernal is the synthetic sevenfold light which is transmitted from this diamond through the forty-nine ashrams on the buddhic plane and into the many egoic groups on the higher mental plane.

In essence I am asking for an intensification of identification with the One Life during the three month build up to the solstice and a sustained burning during the week from Dec 20 -27. The keynote of this burning will be ‘release’. This release applies on many levels from the individual to the universal.

Firstly it is a release into the consciousness of humanity via the NGWS of a new type and quality of energy. Secondly it is the release from the consciousness of humanity by the human soul in various levels of initiatory activity.

For some the ‘momentary’ or more permanent release is from the control of the threefold personality into the soul. At a higher level the release is from the triad into the monad. At a still higher level the release is from the threefold manifestation of monad, soul, personality into the cosmic astral plane and so on.

The cosmic antahkarana is created by the flow of energy in both directions. New energies enter and consciousness is released. The release of human souls through the initiatory process is part of the rising of solar and planetary kundalini.

The by-product of being involved in this process at this time is the opportunity for accelerated growth that is presented. This opportunity can only be realized however through the sacrificial will of the soul as it gives its consent to be utilized in service to the greater Plan. I can only give some indications to your consciousness of the higher purpose that is being served at this stage of the cycle – the major incentive for involvement comes not from the consciousness aspect but from the life aspect operating in the heart and calling the soul into an instinctual recognition of tension precipitated by the need of humanity to fulfill its role in the cosmic plan.

I would also like to draw your attention to the 49-year cycle with which many in the group are consciously working. The current cycle of Shamballa impacts began in 2000 and the last 49-year cycle of the great decision began in 2001. At that time the decision focused on the fourth path and thus the energy of ‘freedom’ was emphasized for precipitation through the sevenfold antahkarana. This cycle will complete in 2049 and the midpoint of this cycle will be 2025 when the centenary council meets and the fourth ray comes again into manifestation. 2007 marks the end of the first seven year sub-cycle of the first ray (note this is the same cycle SS uses and coincides with the seventh year of the third cycle for the (*) group which began to use this in 1987 and I wonder what it might relate to in the (*) group – BL) The sevenfold ‘impact’ on the cosmic physical plane reaches the etheric physical and the seed of will is thus implanted. The next seven years see the unfoldment of that seed with the emphasis upon the second aspect of love-wisdom. Some effort could be made to represent this 49 year cycle in a three dimensional model (with 2025 as the central point) and some relationships will become apparent that are not visible in a two dimensional matrix. It should also be pointed out that the 49-year cycle is itself part of a 343-year cycle and so on.

Centring the identity in the one life which is timeless and spaceless allows for the precise operation of that life in time and space. The seventh direction of space is through the centre of the threefold cross and the seventh direction of time is through the centre of any cycle – in this case the year 2025.

Solstice December 2007 – preparation given December 15, 2007 

I would like to offer some observations and make a final appeal to you ahead of the solstice alignment time.

I have bought you together in order to achieve three things which are really the expression of a synthetic fourth.

  1. To achieve a particular outer goal – the release of energy into a wider field that can have a galvanizing and organizational effect (understood in the spiritual sense). This is the activity aspect.

  2. To affect a growth and expansion of the consciousness of the groups involved. When any true relationship is entered into it has the effect of transforming all parties concerned as the result of a real soul communion. This is the love aspect.

  3.  To effect the liberation from consciousness – through the revelation of the one essential monadic life at the core of the individual soul, the intergroup soul and the soul of Planetary life. This is the Will aspect.

At the centre of this triangle of outcomes is a universal process that we might call the awakening of the Self or Self-realization. In calling you to an act of planetary service I also call you to awaken more fully – or more accurately for a universal principle to awaken in you.

In the last transmission I called your attention to a particular point in time – 2025 which represents the midpoint in a forty-nine year cycle. This is the ‘time’ I would like you to ‘locate’ your consciousness during the coming alignment. It is the time of the next gathering of the great council and the entering of the incoming fourth ray cycle.

I would also like to draw your attention to a particular ‘place’ where I would like you to ‘meet’ as an ashramic group. This ‘place’ is on the fourth sub-plane of the buddhic plane.

On the seven planes the lower 18 are ‘material’ and the higher 18 ‘spiritual’ with the central thirteen ‘solar’.

The sun door or heart of the sun is therefore related to the 25th sub-plane.

When our identity is below this point our emphasis must be on becoming more ‘spiritual’ and less material in our identification. Hence the training in releasing identification from the lower eighteen sub-planes and polarizing in the causal body on the three higher sub-planes of the mental. From there we launch into the triad and on the fourth sub-plane of the buddhic a door is found – a door through which energy can enter and through which consciousness can leave.

The sun principle is both that which lies between both parents (spirit and matter) and that which comes from beyond them and is therefore their non-dual origin. Just as a child is said to be the product of two parents (the body) it is also that which bought them together – the erotic charge behind love and indeed the sexual act is the entering energy of the incarnating soul.

The soul or second principle is thus the gateway to the fourth quality of deity which is emerging.

The middle sub-plane of the buddhic plane is not only therefore where the energies of spirit and matter ‘meet’ and are atoned but the ‘place’ where the triplicity of monad, soul and personality is transcended because it is realized (not conceptually but experientially) as a triple manifestation of one non-manifest reality that is now trying to enter into and take possession of its threefold vehicle.

Mercury rules this realization in response to the energy of Uranus entering via the planetary Logos on the fourth sub-plane of the cosmic astral. Uranus conveys the synthetic will of the Solar logos who is Himself sitting for yoga and able to reach the fourth sub-plane of the cosmic buddhic plane and thus able to release through the heart of the sun the non-dual energy that lies behind the cosmic manifestation altogether.

This universal energy – the one life which transcends and includes all manifestation on all planes enters into its threefold manifestation of spirit, consciousness, matter via the second principle of soul or consciousness.

In the realm of our planetary life the human soul, when self realized thus serves as the conduit for this entering energetic. That is why the initiatory process is so important. Not from the human centric point of view – as being beneficial to humanity – but from the cosmic point of view; humanity has a critical role to play in a much vaster process. The first step is self-realization – the human soul must wake from its sleep of material identification by emphasis on the opposite pole of spirit. But once the balancing has occurred and the soul is able to find its true centre on the buddhic plane – Self-realization becomes possible. The soul awakens to its true identity as the one non dual life that IS and IS Not; the ‘Suchness’ arising at each point of time and space, at each intersection of the manifest and non manifest. While this true identity is timeless and spaceless, the realization of this Identity – by the consciousness incarnated in its threefold manifest expression – nevertheless has a point in time and space where it takes place. This place is the midpoint of the cycle, the midpoint of the planes, the point in the centre of the sphere, the eye in the triangle.

The release of the fourth quality into the field of human consciousness is therefore not independent from the spread of Self-realization within the human kingdom. When humans realize they are the One then their will, their love and their activity is naturally aligned with that One.

The fourth quality is therefore that of Self-awareness or being awake. When we say that humans Self – realize this expresses a truth but it is also incorrect in a sense. Only the One can be aware of Itself so it is the One Life itself that becomes aware of itself through the medium of the human soul and not the human soul that becomes Self aware.

Thus the role of humanity becomes increasingly clear. The human kingdom is a mechanism – a structure of consciousness – whereby the One Life becomes aware of itself within the confines of a part of its manifestation.

In this realization it can truly be said that the human soul does not exist. It never existed for only the One Life exists. The soul does not exist; time does not exist; space does not exist. These are all modification of the One Life that have a temporary experience of independent identity during the breathing in and out of that Life. Let me draw your attention again to the mantram of Life.

“There is no soul.

There is no time.

There is no space.

There is only Life.

One Life.

This Life I am.

My will is for all my lesser selves

to know me at their core as the essence,

the beginning and the end of their existence.

It is thus, as the One Life,  I LIVE”

Thus when souls gather to allow the entrance of this Life into the human kingdom this could be said to be the highest act of the independent will of the soul. If that act is carried to its logical conclusion there is thereafter no more soul and no more independent will. For the only way that that Life can enter is if souls fully realize that they ARE that Life and have never been anything other than that Life. In that act of surrender the saving force is revealed. The soul’s one great confession is the final One.

As your Master I must tell you that I do not exist. I am a coating, a covering on that One Life that you can recognize. The difference between us is that I know that I do not exist in any real way that is separate from the One Life itself and you do not yet. I am only your Master to the exact degree you are my servant. When you surrender to My will you are merely surrendering illusion to a wiser and more live-ly illusion that is present within your Self. In that surrender you release your identification with that small and temporary home (now a prison to you) called the human soul and take possession of a roomier mansion. The difference is now that you know that mansion is part of the ‘father’s house’ and you as the monad are not separate from me or Him or the One Life itself.

When the individual awakens within the universal then the universal awakens in the individual.

So as a representative of that Life I call you to come together at the time of the coming solstice. In coming together I would like you to emphasise the love aspect – the communion through the soul’s heart with each other and with the whole ashram of Sanat Kumara. Coming together as a triangle of groups you emphasise the ‘eye’ that bought you together. You locate yourselves in that central  ‘time’ when the reality of the one soul will be realized within the human kingdom as a whole – 2025. You locate yourselves in that central ‘place’ where spirit and matter are exactly balanced (25th sub-plane) and through which the fourth quality can enter through the second quality – that of loving consciousness which you yourselves represent. Finally you offer your soulselves in sacrifice so that the energy of Life may flow through you into the wider field of which you are a part and affirm your willingness to surrender and thereby awaken more deeply in the realization of that Universal Life we all essentially ARE.

Bruce Lyon


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