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Capricorn Full Moon 2011

Thoughts on Capricorn as we approach the full moon:

Capricorn is part of the duality of Capricorn/Cancer which is in turn part of a Quad or tetra pack Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra

Capricorn: The Law ( of Life ) must be fulfilled.  Die

Cancer: The Forms must be fed.  Nourish the lives

Aries: The Seed must be planted. Enter the Centre

Libra: The Chalice must be drained. Drink

The cardinal cross is the cross of Will and Power

To Die or end, to enter or initiate, to nourish or give life to, to drink or accept all consequences, are all acts of Will. Prior to initiation these are all things that we feel we are at the effect of. An initiate is the cause of evolution and not its result.  This is because he or she has access to the energy of Life and this energy is creative, causal and generative.

It is potency, and it is the difference between Saturn and Uranus. Put mythologically, Uranus has balls.

So given that the whole cross is the cross of claiming or reclaiming our power, Capricorn asks us to focus that power on endings. What forms have completed their purpose and are no longer fitting containers for the Life principle? The forms can be physical,  emotional, mental, psychological, subtle and spiritual. In order to wield this energy of Life and Death we also need to be willing to have it wielded on us.

By invoking this death dealing energy we give our consent to the stripping away of what no longer serves – knowing that the core of our being can never be harmed in the process – only revealed.

Most people consciously or unconsciously are avoiding the energy of death which is why the third degree initiate is called the conqueror of death. “To conquer death , you only have to die”.

We begin by giving our consent to death, to endings, to liberation. This giving of consent, the relaxing of the psychological muscle of resistance to death, aligns us with the Law of Life. When I consent to die, I consent to live – I give my will to the Life principle. As we begin to truly live, Life flows through us into our world and it is this Life that nourishes the forms ( Cancer ) – the newly emerging forms that are being birthed to contain the Life principle in the next cycle.

It is this Life which allows us to begin anew ( Aries ) and enter deeply into the centre of the evolutionary force. It is this Life that allows us to deeply accept, to ‘say yes to’ the bitter with the sweet ( Libra ) and give up trying to choose one side of any polarity over the other.

We no longer eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for we are drawing the elixir, the soma wine, straight from the Tree of Life itself.

So my active meditation on this coming Capricorn moon:

I release my attachment to all forms at this time – those I have created and those which I inhabit.

I align with the energy of the power of life and death expressing as the Shamballa force, and the purpose of the galactic, solar and planetary Logos.

I accept all karmic consequences from earlier cycles.

I enter more deeply into the core of my being and initiate anew from that centre.

I offer myself as a life-giving current to those emerging forms which are responding to the evolutionary note.

And finally I ask to be released from my “I”, that ‘Life more Abundant’ may flow through the centre where it used to be, and the Presence of Divinity drench our world, inside and out.

Bruce Lyon


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