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Sat, 15 Dec



True Power - Egypt 2018 with Jon Darrall-Rew and Bruce Lyon

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True Power - Egypt 2018 with Jon Darrall-Rew and Bruce Lyon
True Power - Egypt 2018 with Jon Darrall-Rew and Bruce Lyon

Time & Location

15 Dec 2018, 10:00 am – 22 Dec 2018, 5:00 pm


About the event

This event will invite 24 young leaders on a journey dedicated to awakening to true power.

This is the first of what we intend will be an annual event focussing on supporting humanity’s next generation of leaders to source their power in their essential core, and thereby contributing to the transformation of power on the planet.

The event will happen in Egypt, and will follow the journey of Alexander the Great out to the Siwa Oasis where in 332 BC he asked the Oracle of Siwa whether he was the son of Zeus and if he would conquer the world.

Our focus is to find the updated version of this story, where emerging leaders for the next generation of human culture claim their inheritance of true power as the basis for how they bring change to the world.

The retreat will consist of rituals and practices to awaken and integrate our soul, heart and body, so as to bring online the power at their core, a collective exploration of power and our relationship to it, practices to claim our power and commit ourselves to accountability in how we show up with it in the world, group sharing, and connecting with the land of Egypt.

There is an application process to attend, so if you are interested, please fill out this Form:

The cost of the event is $1,488 USD.


True power is the fundamental energy of spirit – our essential core. It resides at the centre of both consciousness and matter, and is a quality of the One, just like the love and wisdom that the spiritual traditions point to, or the intelligence scientists are revealing in the structure of the cosmos. Yet for humanity, power remains and operates so much in shadow. Our political, economic and social systems demonstrate so many examples of power – individual, national and global – operating in corrupt, self-centred, materialistic and exploitative ways.

While many of our collective systems devolve into crisis, there has been a surging wave of love, light, compassion and unity sweeping the world. At our current time, as our world stands at a tipping point, esoteric traditions tell us that a new energy is being unleashed into humanity – the power of spirit, which is the life-force of the One. This power is not about an exchange of authority but is rather a revelation of our essential identity as one with the Godhead. Rather than being based in the model of some people having power and some not, it is based in the realisation that at the selfless core of our being, we ARE power, and when we are identified with that, it is an unstoppable current of truth, presence and impact.

The power that human beings fight over, hoard, project onto, reject and that we have institutionalised in our systems of government, politics, and business, where it is treated like a currency that some have and some don’t, is a shadow of true power. It is what happens when egos disconnected from the true power alive at their core try to put power in a box that can be used to manage human affairs and our daily lives.

While conventional power is treated like a currency, true power operates like a current of electricity or lightning – a nuclear source of eternal, unlimited life-force that is impregnated with the wisdom, purpose and will of the One. It resides in the core of our hearts, souls and bodies, waiting for there to be enough love present in our being to be used in integrity. Some awaken to it via the crown chakra on the path of ascent into higher and higher consciousness. Some awaken to it in the base chakra on the descending path that moves down through the emotions, sexuality, and into the body. Some awaken to it via the direct path of the heart.

Esoteric teachings say that this energy is being released into humanity now precisely because there is enough love present, and the release of this power can empower humanity’s awakening and establishment of a new culture based on our essential unity.

In order for humanity to turn the corner of our current moment, the transformation of our relationship to power is key. In the initiation of our collective soul through the current global challenges, light and love are not enough. What is also needed is power. What is needed are beings who have claimed their connection to true power, and who are recognised as being ‘in charge’, not because they are making claims of authority, but because they are in the ecstatic, electrical current of true power in a way that can be felt by those around them.

Increasingly, we can look to this as the basis for a new form of leadership and governance on the planet, and one where power can be shared between individuals and groups in a way that involves no competition or power hoarding, but rather the celebration of each individual being plugged into the source of true power, and leading from there. Our event is dedicated to this exploration.


Bruce Lyon: At the core my life is about living and loving as fully, richly and freely as possible while empowering others to do the same. This is my contribution to an emergent global culture anchored in love and reverberating with the sound of freedom - the unique essence of the human spirit. I work principally with the two flows of life force we call sexuality and spirituality because they provide the fastest path I know to liberation, initiation and remembrance of essential embodied divinity. I also focus on the yoga of relationship, - with the cosmos, each other and all the kingdoms of the planet. I have a particular interest in the co-creation of temples and the emergence of the modern day mystery schools, which result from awake, alive human beings in resonant harmony with their inner and outer environments. Ultimately it is the revelation and remembrance of this beautiful planet as the sacred home it has always been, rich with mysteries and potentials awaiting our awakening and evolutionary unfolding. Whether we meet in person, in the virtual world of the web or the subtle worlds of spirit, may our meeting be a mutual charging of the life force and a deepening of each other’s capacity to love. Learn more about Bruce at

Jon Darrall-Rew: Jon's passion is what it means to awaken to the wild power of life and then to live that in full force and heart with others. He is European Director of the Global Purpose Movement, an international initiative dedicated to catalysing individual and collective purpose activation, and is co-founder of Synergy Forum and Bright Alliance. Between 2011-2014, he served as head of the international spiritual community, Shamballa School, and between 2012-2015 he worked as part of the leadership team of a project based in Interlaken, Switzerland, exploring how a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening might inform globally cooperative efforts toward the evolution of human civilisation. Find out more about Jon's work at:

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