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Highden Manor Estate

The Temple Training - The Beauty; Immersion in Sacred Community

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The Temple Training - The Beauty; Immersion in Sacred Community

Time & Location

10 Feb 2019, 3:00 pm – 22 Mar 2019, 7:00 pm

Highden Manor Estate, New Zealand

About The Event

6 Week Immersion

”This training is the deepest and most integrated soul initiation process I’m aware of in the world, and is run by Bruce Lyon with a team of international collaborators. It focuses on what it means to truly embody your soul in community with others and in connection with the earth and cosmos. It is held at a location in New Zealand called Highden Temple, which is an emerging Mystery School – one of many coming in around the world where human beings can come, remember the love that they are, claim their power, and learn to live that in their every day lives – emotionally, sexually, intellectually, physically and spiritually.“

Jon Darrall-Rew

This six week programme in New Zealand is designed to cover all aspects of conscious sacred living. It is suitable for those who have already made considerable progress on their path of liberation and embodiment. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern temple. It is not just a workshop but the actual living experience of being part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community.


Will focus on five major areas :

Awareness: - Meditation, Cosmology, Astrology, Rayology, Soul Fusion, The Void

Eros: - Life force Activation, Polarity & Magnetism, Tantric Sexuality, Magic & Rituals

Community: - Love & Relationship, Group Soul & Group Initiation, Living as Organism

Creativity: - Unique self & Life Purpose, Synergy, Money and the Economics of Love

Earth:- Shamanism, Earth energies, Working with Devas, Planetary Kundalini, Initiations & Ceremonies

And....these are just guides - the real curriculum is the living current of life force emerging through each of us and between us as love reveals to us its next great unfoldment in planetary evolution and group transmission.

This program will also begin again in September 2019.


Bruce Lyon - BSc, Dip Clin Hyp, MSE, PhdE, has been teaching in the area of esoteric wisdom, the tantric arts, cosmology and universal spirituality for over twenty years. He is on the wisdom council of ISTA, founder of Shamballa School and the author of many books. He first established an esoteric school at Highden in 2001 and has a deep connection with the land there.

He will be joined by other globally renowned guest teachers.


The Temple @ Highden is a modern mystery school for sacred living - a cross between the X- Men mansion, Hogwarts School of Wizardry and a Tantric Temple.

It is a home for ceremony and magic. It is a place for love and freedom.

Highden is an Edwardian Manor built in 1898 surrounded by rose gardens, green fields and a piece of protected wild forest. Built for a member of parliament as a country seat, Highden also served for fifty years as a seminary for novitiate priests in the Catholic church.

Today, the themes of leadership and spiritual education continue, updated for a world in need of a universal and embodied approach to life, love and a sacred relationship with the earth.

There is a large 28 stone mandala around the property marking the equinoxes, solstices and other astronomical and astrological alignments making it also a time-temple reflecting the relationship with cosmos.


There will be space on each programme for 24 participants. There is an application process and interview to ensure the group synergy is flowing and that the programme is suitable for each participant. Please get your application in as quickly as you can so we get a chance to get to know you, thi