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Mon, 17 June




11 days temple immersion into the Greek mystery school.

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Time & Location

17 June 2019, 4:00 pm – 27 June 2019, 2:00 pm

Samothraki, Samothraki 680 02, Greece

About the event

11 days Temple Immersion on the magical island of Samothraki, home to the original initiation rites of the greek mystery schools.

This will be a dedicated journey of remembering, reawakening and updating the mysteries of soul initiation.

This wonderful island has been holding and guarding something precious in its mountains, waterfalls, caves, rivers and shorelines.

The archetypal energies of the gods and goddesses are not just transcendent here but imbued and immanent in the landscapes. As much as possible we will be holding ceremonies and having our initiatory experiences in the natural theatre of this living temple.

The retreat will weave meditative practice, cosmology, mythology, erotic embodiment, ritual and group process. It will call those resonant and experienced in the temple arts and those whose souls still vibrate with the glory of the greek mysteries. Together we will call forth an emergence that serves the current process of planetary awakening.

This immersion is designed to cover all aspects of conscious sacred living. It is suitable for those who have already made considerable progress on their path of liberation and embodiment. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate together the next step forward in the anchoring of the modern temple. It is not just a workshop but the actual living experience of being part of the source code of creative, loving, shamanic, ecstatic community.


Bruce Lyon - BSc, Dip Clin Hyp, MSE, PhdE, has been teaching in the area of esoteric wisdom, the tantric arts, cosmology and universal spirituality for over twenty years. He is on the wisdom council of ISTA, founder of Shamballa School and the author of many books. With others he has established a mystery school/ temple at Highden in New Zealand.


Mariva Bungalows and Retreat Center is a traditional greek hotel, located in the village of Therma, within a flourish natural environment, between aged plane trees, chestnut trees and blooming hydrangeas.

Its location is nothing less than amazing, inside the forestry nature of Samothraki, where few creeks (Vatras) runs by, allowing a swim in the most beautiful natural pools in less than 5 mins walk. The nature surrounding it is just breath taking and vibrating with high water energy.

Samothraki – The Island of the Great Gods is a magical, mysterious and enigmatic island in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is the island of the Saos or Fengari mountain and a place of fascinating natural beauty and mystical ambience, where ancient Greeks performed the rites and rituals of the Kaveiria Mysteries to worship the Great Gods of the sky, nature and sea.

The wild natural beauty of Mountain Saos (meaning Moon) offers unique natural treasures, dense vegetation, abundant springs and numerous waterfalls. Brooks and streams that originate from mountain Saos, on their way to the sea often form waterfalls, as well as “vathres”, which resemble natural pools in the rocks and will surely entice you to dive into their icy, crystal waters. The island also offers thermal hot springs, pebbled beaches and rivers with countless plane trees.


There will be space for 50 participants. Please get your application in as quickly as you can so we get a chance to get to know you, this also allows the group field to build and the necessary inner preparation work to be done.

Fill in the application here:

Or write to: with any questions.

Cost €2200 Euros includes food & accommodation in a shared by 2-3 rooms.

Early bird registration - €2000 Euros, until October 17th, 2018.

We have made every effort to keep the cost as affordable as possible for this exciting new wave mystery school training.

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